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Sprinkle of Silver aim to provide a quick, easy and stress free shopping experience providing you with a range of both Sterling Silver and Tibetan silver products suited to all budgets. Our Sterling Silver products are 925 stamped and will arrive to you safe and securely packaged in either a necklace, ring or earring box depending on your order.

Our Tibetan silver product range is extensive and there are items to suit everyone such as our Vintage pieces or maybe something from our wonderful and incredibly popular Harry Potter Collection.

What is the difference between Sterling Silver and Tibetan Silver?

Tibetan silver is used primarily in jewellery components, and is similar to pewter - an alloy of copper, with a small percentage of pure silver. This reflects in the cost and is why Tibetan Silver is cheaper than Sterling.
 There are common allergies to this metal if not careful but Sprinkle of Silver can safely assure you that nickel is absent in our products.

Products which are made of Sterling Silver will have 'Sterling Silver' in the name and will state that it is 925 stamped in the products description. Should a products name/description fail to mention either of these points, that product is not Sterling Silver. All genuine Sterling Silver products will be clearly stated, the rest is Antique or Tibetan silver.

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When ordering, if your country is not stated in any of the shipping options, please contact me ASAP so i can add it which will enable to you to continue with your order.
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